We advise and represent clients comprehensively in all family law issues in and out of court, taking into account the respectively relevant inheritance and tax aspects. In particular patchwork families and other modern lifestyles require tailor-made solutions for the protection and provision for family members, not only in times of crisis. Preventive agreements help to avoid disputes and can simplify a subsequent confrontation considerably, for example in case of separation and divorce. It is advisable to always take the appropriate precautionary measures regarding succession in such cases as well. Contract drafting:
  • Marriage contracts and civil partnership contracts
  • Modifications of the statutory property regime of the community of accrued gains
  • Advice on the selection of a contractual matrimonial property regime with particular consideration of the respective inheritance law and tax implications
  • Advice on selection options according to international law with regard to the applicable matrimonial property regimes and applicable inheritance law, in particular in the case of bi-national marriages and civil partnerships as well as couples, who have their main place of residence abroad
  • Separation and divorce consequences agreements
  • Conclusion of contracts between non-marital partners, such as the regulation joint investments or for reciprocal care provision
  • Review of older marriage and civil partnership contracts for compatibility with the laws in force and the stipulations of current case-law
  • Health care proxy documents
Procedural activities:
  • Divorce of marriage, dissolution of civil partnership
  • Adjustment of pension rights
  • Equal distribution of surplus
  • Support for minor children and children of full legal age, separation support and post-divorce support for spouses and civil partners
  • Custody and visiting rights
  • Matrimonial secondary property regime law
  • Parental support
  • Guardianship law

We advise our clients also in case of disputes over liquidation and division of assets in the event of separation and divorce or in inheritance cases, in particular when major real estate assets or company assets are involved.


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Rainer Carls



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